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Viktor Kocherhan - The One And Only
Victor Kocherhan

About me

Do you remember how an adept (or sly) and unexpected magic trick could captivate you as a child? How you longed to know the secrets behind that magic, how it seemed that you were witnessing a true and mystifying wonder unfold before your eyes?  Wouldn’t you like to recapture that sense of wonder? If for you the standard celebration spent sitting around the table has grown stale, and you want an event that truly impresses and wows your guests – we’ve got your solution.

I can add magic and charms to any event: treat yourself and your friends to a lasting sense of wonder at your next celebration that no one will soon forget (literally here, that’ll last a lifetime, but that sounds a bit corny to me). Your guests will remember the euphoria for a long time to come!

As an illusionist/mind reader I awe my audiences. After all, my mission is one of artistic creation: I create a composition of movements, words, and acts that weave my own distinctive reality. This is a magical mystery where I am the actor, director, and producer.

Victor Kocerhan


The wonder captured in these pictures from dozens of shows will speak for themselves!!!
Do you want to see your guests with amazed looks, happy faces, and huge smiles?

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